Joint Powers Water Board History

The Joint Powers Water Board of Albertville, Frankfort Township, Hanover and St. Michael, was formed in 1977 in order to be able to apply for grant funding for water utility improvements. These proposed improvements included construction of a trunk line that would serve the communities of Albertville, Frankfort Township, Hanover and St. Michael, as well as forming a common or “joint” water supply system. The result was the formation of the Joint Powers Water Board. In order to receive the grant money, a cooperation of entities had to be displayed, meaning that the communities were working together to provide a cost-effective water supply.

The venture was a success. Approximately $1 million in grant money was received and put toward a total project cost of approximately $2 million. The resulting Joint Powers Water Board then provided coordination and oversight of the newly formed water utility. Each of the member communities’ wells and “standpipes” (cylindrical water storage tanks) were abandoned. A common water trunk line was constructed through all four communities and the water systems were combined into one. The utility billing was centrally processed and the system operated as one utility. The Board was comprised of two members of each of the respective City/Township Councils or Boards. In 1996, Frankfort merged with the City of St. Michael and “Frankfort” was removed from the official name of the Joint Powers Water Board.

Operation and maintenance of the Joint Powers Water Board system has always been performed by a contract maintenance firm. Munitech operated the system until 1998. In 1998, Veolia Water North America (Formerly USFilter and Professional Services Group) was hired to operate, maintain and manage the system.

In 1999, the member cities decided that they wanted more control over their individual distribution systems (infrastructure that includes water main, hydrants, services to the curb stops, meters, and valves). Because of this, the Joint Powers Water Board Agreement was amended to give each City more control over development and operation within their City. The water supply responsibility remained with Joint Powers.

At the end of 1999, Albertville decided to operate its own distribution system and provide for the utility billing process for its residents. The City of Albertville still handles its own billing today.

St. Michael and Hanover, as well as Joint Powers, continue to partner with Veolia Water North America to operate and manage their water (and sewer) utilities and billing systems. St. Michael and Hanover residents will find their City Water and Sewer Departments are centrally located, run from the Joint Powers Water Treatment Plant offices, with a full-time office staff to support day-to-day functions.

In 2000, a new Water Treatment Plant was constructed to improve the quality of water customers receive.